Welcome to my blog of little bits of randomness from me and my amazing life. I have been inspired by all the lovely bloggers out there that I decided that it is high time that I join you all and I look forward to receiving your feedback.

I enjoy all things photographic (although I am only an amateur and use a point and shoot camera) and craft, and intend to share some of this with you .

My Cranberry Lane brand is an eclectic range of handmade lovlies all handmade by myself and you can also experience my items in my etsy shop and madeit shop as well as on ebay. You can also see me at!/pages/Cranberry-Lane/124083160951544 so please feel free to hop on over and take a look.

Card I made during a class

Another card I made at the class

some of my Beanie Kids

each row is 3 deep

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have just come home with information overload from a seminar that I had to attend after work and desperately need to wind down. I was sooo looking forward to my earlier finish today but I guess professional development is more important! (I probaby would have only sat infront of the tv anyway). You see, I work in childcare, I don't think that I have ever mentioned that. And let me warn you, you who have little ones or ones about to enter any form of educational facility - there is a huge Australia wide reform taking place. Good or bad I'm unsure as I still have information overload and RSI from taking notes - fortunately I didn't have to speak infront of the microphone but others did. This reform is educationally wide - starting with early years hence prep, now early childcare including all forms yes C & K, long day care and family day care, with a curriculum change that will lead into schooling and is yes Australia wide, not just good old Queensland. On a brighter note, that might mean payrises and proper recognition? Anyway I have finished my whinge and am now one more blog towards 100.

Time to blog hop or maybe another Jerry Lewis movie. I also forgot to mention that all this movieness actually started with Alfred Hitchcock - we did those a few months ago. I guess we will eventually get through all the classics - can't wait for Audrey Hepburn, although I don't think my husband will be into these ones.

Until next time

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have just come home for my lunch break and decided to catch up with all my blogger friends and see what you've been up to. I only have 7 more weeks left of work (until Christmas) but whos counting?

I wish the sky would make up its mind. One minute it is dark, cloudy and rainy, and the next it is very sunny, blue sky and not a cloud to be seen. Anyway the bit of rain is nice and much needed - and giving our new gutter a work out before the major storms hit.

Miss A's Christmas table runner is coming along nicely. Just need to back it and quilt it. (Will add a photo when son comes home from school!! as I'm still learning how to add photos). I have had to rearrange my creating space - very limited area - to accommodate this sewing passion. Everyday she asks can we finish it - but it will have to wait until the weekend when I have finished work. I am just too tired when I get home. I think I must be getting old or something.

We have been having family movie nights - minus the 16yo - of late. It started with James Dean and has morphed into Jerry Lewis. I haven't laughed so much for ages. I can't wait to see what one is for tonight - yes I already mentioned I'm old. Anyway better go and eat before I have to head back - yes another late finish tonight.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Well here we are home from the craft show. You hang out all year - count the sleeps left and before you know it, it is all over for another year. It was soooo much fun, lots to see and do, and even catch up with likeminded people that you haven't seen for ages. It's amazing who you find at these events - and several $'s later we have more inspiration and goodies to add to our stash. My daughter has even discovered her newly found passion in life - patchwork - and has quickly become queen of my sewing machine. She is creating her own patchwork table runner - and she is doing it all by herself! I had to show her once and now she is up and running.

Jobs for today - scrapbooking (if I get a chance!)
- Finding all my long lost sewing paraphanalia (I haven't sewed for years and it has been packed away.) I might even get my quilt tops out that I used to make and have a look at them again.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's great to be finally home from work and have a few minutes with a much needed cuppa to bloghop and a quick post while dinner is in the oven. (Shepherd's Pie - loaded with veges - shh don't tell the kids)

Only 2 more sleeps until the craft show.... but who's counting.

Haven't done much creating - still have mojo - don't have time as I have been on the late shift at work all week - but tonight.....

Anyway back to bloghopping.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My darlin husband was up on the roof doing some much needed gutter cleaning (before the storm season hits - looks like one developing on the horizon) - definately mans work - yuk! He noticed that one side of the guttering was almost rusted through - so job for the week - get new guttering. Not bad going considering the age of the house, and we really haven't had to do much maintenance in the whole time we have been here.

I have making more pages to sell and using up some of my stash (doesn't seem to have put much of a dent in it, anyway I'll keep plodding along) and I have been blog hopping again and getting so much inspiration from all the lovely crafty cleverness out there, my brain is going into meltdown, so many ideas, I wish I could keep these ideas for when mojo takes a holiday. I am happy to announce that he is visiting with me today and I am pushing out the creations - but you will have to visit ebay to take a look. I thought that I'd share some more of my creations - (not for sale).

Anyway mojo is a hollerin, better get back to it.
Well here it is, Sunday morning, yet again. These weeks are just flying by. I am now fully qualified with my Diploma - yeah (I have only been working on it for the past 4 years) and have updated my first aid cert again. - All for work. What have I done for me...... well, we have been watching (while I create of course) a couple of James Dean movies - what a tragedy for his life to end so young, of course Rock Hudson was in one of the movies also. Oh and I also caught up with Anne of Green Gables again, I haven't seen this one for a while - actually I haven't had much of a chance to see any movies for ages - having to share the tv with the family - who have very different tastes in their viewing.

If you have recently visited my etsy store you will notice that I have diversified into crochet blankets, I am currently working on another 4 all so very gorgeous and yes my daughter would like to claim them all, but she has decided to take up the crocheting bug and I have been teaching her - she is doing quite good at it.

I am also still selling my pages on ebay with listings being added all the time. I am just about to list my 400th page - quite a milestone for me.

Can't wait til next weekend - the Brisbane Craft Show - I love it - surrounded by people both buyers and sellers of like mindedness and stocking up on much needed or at least can't live without supplies. Husband says - not more, where are you going to keep that, are you ever going to use it.

Anyway better go and use some of my stash.

til next time
Happy Scrappin

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another week almost over, the days are just flying by. I am soooo happy, I received my actual Diploma in the mail yesterday - partay, no more study - for a little while at least. Actually there will be a party - the girls from work (and myself) are getting together for drinks. That leaves more time to ....... well, create!

As I am only new at this blogging, some problems have occurred e.g. photos not staying with the blog they refer to...... and I can't remember how to add photos ........ oh son - computer genius....... where are you. "What now he says....., hang on I will be with you shortly....." oops he just left for school.

Anyway will fix up my errors and add some more piccies of my latest creations. Just quickly before I go, I have mentioned previously how much I loooovvvveeeee Christmas anway yes I have been shopping - already, but I just noticed the NATIVITY scene my daughter is into at the moment and is now adorning our television set. I just had to get a photo after I stopped laughing!! PS She loves penguins - of all things.

Until next time
Happy scrappin

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wow! My first week on and this blogspot is over. What an exciting and big week for me. Don't know about you but the week just flew by for me. I have been a very busy bee buzzing around and creating - I will be listing more items a little later. I have also decided to diversify - what does this mean - well you will have to come over to my little shop and take a peek. A sneek peek I hear you ask - sorry - not quite ready yet.
Until next time.....